Dassault 2000LX business jet nears certification

By Kate Sarsfield

Dassault Aviation is hoping to clinch certification for its Falcon 2000LX business jet - the next evolution of the best-selling 2000 family equipped with blended winglets - by the end of the first quarter. This follows a delay of around 12 months caused by technical hitches with the wing modification.

The French airframer says the latest setback was due to concerns with the leading-edge slats, which were found to be slightly distorted after the large-cabin aircraft was tested beyond normal operations, but still within the flight envelope. The situation has since been resolved.

First deliveries are scheduled immediately following certification, although Dassault says customers who were set to receive their aircraft in the middle of last year have been offered 2000EXs with additional wing stiffeners, allowing the winglets to be easily installed once they are certificated.

The 2000LX is developed from the 2000EX and offers an extra 370km (200nm) range and will climb to 41,000ft (12,500m) in 18min. The 2000LX orderbook is "substantial" says Dassault and includes sales of 20 of the types to NetJets Europe. The Lisbon, Portugal-based fractional ownership provider also has a deal with Dassault to convert its remaining 2000EXs on order to LX types.

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