USAF Unveils Energy Program Policy

Jan 7, 2009
By Bettina H. Chavanne

U.S. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley has signed into effect a document the service says will function as the blueprint for its energy initiatives, especially for cutting demand, boosting supply and changing the air service’s energy usage habits.

Major goals outlined in the memorandum included cutting aviation fuel-use per operation hour by 10 percent (from a 2005 baseline) by 2015, as well as to “be prepared” by 2016 to “cost-competitively” acquire half of the Air Force’s domestic aviation fuel from a domestic alternative fuel blend. Another goal is to increase non-petroleum-based fuel use by 10 percent per year in the motor vehicle fleet.

The Air Force Energy Program Policy Memorandum is an overview of the Air Force’s energy policy, and will be codified in future documents and instructions. The 33-page memo outlines Air Force energy management strategy, goals, objectives and metrics — all in support of the National Energy Strategy.

In fiscal 2007, Air Force energy costs exceeded $6.9 billion, with $1.1 billion for facility energy, $5.6 billion for aviation fuel and $229 million for ground fuel.

“While great strides in energy conservation and energy efficiency [are] needed to reduce the growing dependency on foreign petroleum products,” the memorandum said, “the Air Force must manage energy resources to ensure that energy reduction goals are met or exceeded.”

Photo: DoD

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