Boeing 787 On Track To Fly In June - CEO

Boeing's delayed 787 Dreamliner is on track for its first test flight next month, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said Wednesday.

"I think the airplane will fly in June. We will embark on a flight test program as we described it," McNerney said.

The company pushed back the 787 delivery schedule for a fourth time in December, making its plane almost two years late and risking cancellations from angry airlines. The plane has been plagued by repeated production delays.

McNerney said demand for the 787 is strong despite what he called "market churn." McNerney was referring to order cancellations this year, including 57 canceled 787 orders.

Boeing and rival Airbus are suffering as airlines and cargo operators defer plane deliveries amid weak demand in the economic recession.

After 60 orders and 60 cancellations, Boeing now has zero net orders for 2009.

McNerney said he expects the the first 787 deliveries in the first quarter of 2010. But he said there is always the chance that the schedule could be disrupted by a mechanical issue coming to light during the test flight.

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