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Dubai-based company operates two Legacy 600s and will receive a Lineage 1000 in 2012

São José dos Campos, October 5, 2009 – Embraer delivered a Legacy 600 executive jet to
Dubai’s Titan Aviation, in the United Arab Emirates, during a ceremony held at the Company’s
headquarters, today, in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The jet belongs to an undisclosed
customer, and will be added to Titan’s portfolio of managed and operated aircraft, which
includes two Legacy 600s, as well as a Lineage 1000 scheduled to be delivered in 2012.

“Titan Aviation has become a significant partner of Embraer, and we wish them great success
with this third Legacy 600,” said Colin Steven, Embraer Vice President, Marketing and Sales,
Europe, the Middle East and Africa – Executive Jets. “Embraer will continue supporting their
operations, and we look forward to having them return soon for more deliveries.”

“On Titan’s sixth anniversary, it is a pleasure to come back to Embraer to take delivery of
this third Legacy 600. Our operations with this aircraft are very successful, not only because
it is a proven and reliable platform, but also due to the tremendous support provided by
Embraer all over the world,” said Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik, Managing Director of Titan
Aviation. “Our company continues investing in the expansion of its highly qualified staff, in
order to better serve our clients and to be prepared for new opportunities.”

At the event, Mr. Ahmed, Director of
Maintenance of Titan Aviation, commented
that “the Legacy 600 performs excellently,
with much less maintenance hassle, in spite of
our clients’ high utilization rate. Furthermore,
the maintenance tracking support services
provided by Embraer, such as Flight Docs
and the Embraer Executive Care (EEC)
program, are great tools for us to serve our
clients in the most efficient ways.”

The first Legacy 600 joined Titan’s fleet in June 2008, frequently flying to London City
Airport (LCY), and this would not be possible without the certified steep approach capability.

Pilots also have the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), which provides precise aircraft performance
calculations and electronic copies of manuals and charts, reducing pilot workload and
allowing a paperless cockpit environment.

The second aircraft has proven to be a very important business tool for its owner. Delivered to
Titan in July 2009, the jet has already accumulated more than 200 flight hours. The High-
Speed Data (HSD) equipment provides a better use of time, increased work productivity, and
more entertainment possibilities on frequent seven-hour business flights from Dubai to
Europe and to Southeast African destinations.

The third Legacy 600 delivered, today, comfortably accommodates 13 passengers in three
distinct cabin zones. The aircraft will be supported by Embraer Executive Care (EEC), the
same comprehensive program that has guaranteed high dispatch reliability for the first two
Legacy 600s operated by Titan.

About Titan Aviation

Established in 2004, Titan Aviation (www.TitanAviation.aero) is based in Dubai with
operations in the U.S., U.K., Turkey, the Middle East, India, Singapore, and Japan. The
company offers professional aircraft management services, chartering, and sales, as well as
aviation human resources. Built on a strong business ethos of trust, value and service, Titan is
notable for its responsiveness and transparent business practices, distinctively offering skilled
personnel and high quality assistance at a very competitive cost. With a team of motivated
staff members, the company has been providing exceptional support to many owners over the
last several years.

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