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Site presents information about the activities of the organization founded in 2001

São José dos Campos, December 18, 2009 – The Embraer Education and Research Institute (Instituto Embraer de Educação e Pesquisa) launched its own Internet website, today,
(www.embraerinstitute.com). Previously, all of the information regarding the organization
was presented on Embraer’s corporate site. Visitors will now have more details about the
Institute’s work.

“The Embraer Institute plays a very important social role in the communities where it is involved, and it has launched new projects, every year, while expanding already existing ones,” said Pedro Ferraz, Director of the Embraer Education and Research Institute. “The new website is dedicated to presenting the details of all of the Institute’s initiatives and results.”

Created by Embraer in 2001, the actions of the Institute focus on
programs that contribute to social inclusion through education,
always in the communities where Embraer’s industrial facilities
are installed. The Institute stresses education and improving the
management process, and its work is fundamentally of a
transforming, innovative, wide-ranging and self-sustaining nature.

Some of the main projects underway are Engineer Juarez
Wanderley High School, the Social Partnership and Action in
School programs, the Minicompany program, and the Digital
Inclusion and the Working World course.

Engineer Juarez Wanderley High School opened in 2002 and provides top-quality secondary
education to 600 students from the public schools in the São José dos Campos region. The objective is to prepare students within a global and broad context, facilitating their entrance to university and their development as proactive change agents. Admission to the school is gained through a public entrance exam conducted by the Foundation for Entrance Exams of Paulista State University (Fundação para o Vestibular da Universidade Estadual Paulista – VUNESP), and classes are held during a full-day program. Students receive, free of charge, a quality education, transportation, meals at the school, uniform, and educational materials and supplies. In 2008, the school was ranked as the best high school in the State of São Paulo by the Ministry of Education, based on the results of the National Secondary Education Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio – ENEM).

The Social Partnership Program (SPP) was created in 2004, and supports social projects
carried out in association with Embraer employees and local NGOs. In its six-year history,
SPP has given support to around 60 projects in the regions where Embraer has manufacturing
plants (São José dos Campos, Botucatu, and Gavião Peixoto).

The Action in School Program (ASP) was launched in 2006 for the purpose of stimulating
community participation in public school management, by financing projects whose objectives are to offer improvements for problems found by the school community, itself. In order to facilitate people’s balanced, rational and planned participation, the initiative uses the “Educational Quality Indicators” methodology, which was developed by Ação Educativa (www.acaoeducativa.org), an organization founded in 1994, in São Paulo, Brazil, with the mission of promoting education and youth rights. In three years, the program has supported 52 public schools. The 2009 edition is coming down to the close of a busy year.

The Digital Inclusion and Working World course, created in 2003, lasts for eight months. Its
main objectives are to qualify public school students from São José dos Campos with
information technology knowledge and techniques and citizenship, as well as to offer an
alternative for professional improvement and entering the job market. All course content is
developed by a coordinator and Embraer volunteer instructors who have been previously
trained, and it benefits 40 students every year.

The Minicompany Program began in 2002 and is carried out by the Embraer Institute in a
partnership with Junior Achievement of the State of São Paulo and the local governments of
the cities of São José dos Campos, Gavião Peixoto, Araraquara, and Botucatu. The main
objective is to stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit in young people. They have an opportunity to
learn the principal processes involved in daily business activities, as they are guided by
volunteer Embraer employees.


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