NASA Astronauts and Managers to Discuss the First of Five Remaining Shuttle Flights

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HOUSTON -- Space shuttle Endeavour will deliver the final module of
the U.S. portion of the International Space Station on the STS-130
mission, now targeted to launch Feb. 7. NASA will preview this
mission during a series of news briefings Friday, Jan. 15, at NASA's
Johnson Space Center in Houston. NASA Television and the agency's Web
site will broadcast the briefings live. Reporters may ask questions
from participating NASA locations.

Endeavour's flight will begin the final year of space shuttle
operations. Five shuttle missions are planned in 2010, with the final
flight currently targeted for launch in September.

Endeavour's 13-day flight will include three spacewalks and the
delivery of the Tranquility node, a connecting module that will
increase the International Space Station's interior space.
Tranquility will provide additional room for crew members and many of
the space station's life support and environmental control systems.
Attached to the node is a cupola, which is a robotic control station
and has seven windows to provide a panoramic view of Earth, celestial
objects and visiting spacecrafts. After the node and cupola are
added, the space station will be about 90 percent complete.

George Zamka will command Endeavour. He will be joined by Pilot Terry
Virts and Mission Specialists Kay Hire, Steve Robinson, Nicholas
Patrick and Bob Behnken. Virts will be making his first trip to

The schedule of briefings (all times CST) is:
8 a.m. - Space Shuttle and Space Station Program Overview
9:30 a.m. - STS-130 Mission Overview
11 a.m. - NASA TV Video File
12 p.m. - STS-130 Spacewalk Overview
1 p.m. - STS-130 Crew News Conference

Also on Jan. 15, Endeavour's six astronauts will be available for
interviews at Johnson. Reporters should contact Gayle Frere at
281-483-8645 by Jan. 7 to reserve an interview opportunity.

All reporters planning to attend the briefings in Houston must contact
the Johnson newsroom at 281-483-5111 by 5 p.m. on Jan. 7 for

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Source: NASA

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