Aviation News Releases - Monday, April 12, 2010

  • LAN March Passenger Traffic Down 8.2 Percent
    Chile's LAN Airlines said on Friday its passenger traffic fell 8.2 percent in March from a year earlier after a 9.6 percent rise in February, due in part to flight cancellations after a devastating earthquake (photo: LAN Cargo) ...
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  • UAL, US Airways Merger Would Be All-Stock Deal
    The merger talks between United Airlines and US Airways revolve around doing an all-stock deal, with United paying US Airways shareholders a premium similar to that of the Delta-Northwest merger, people familiar with the matter said ...
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  • Embraer Sells 41 Jets In First Quarter
    Embraer, the world's third-largest aircraft manufacturer, said on Friday it sold 41 of its jets in the first quarter of 2010, one more than in the same period a year ago ...
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  • NASA Sets News Conference With Shuttle And Space Station Crews
    HOUSTON -- The 13 crew members aboard space shuttle Discovery and theInternational Space Station will hold a news conference at 6:26 a.m.CDT on Wednesday, April 14.U.S. reporters may ask questions in person from NASA's Johnson SpaceCenter in Houston, NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and NASAHeadquarters in Washington. A portion of the news conference will beset aside for Russian and Japanese reporters.To participate in the news conference, U.S. journalists must call thepublic affairs...
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  • Orbiting Space Shuttle Astronauts -- Including Former Teacher -- Call North Carolina Students
    WASHINGTON -- Astronauts orbiting 220 miles above Earth will speakwith students in Gibsonville, N.C., on Wednesday, April 14. The callwith the students and space shuttle Commander Alan Poindexter andMission Specialists Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson andClay Anderson will take place at 1:06 p.m. EDT at Eastern GuilfordHigh School in Gibsonville.Eastern Guilford High School is hosting students from Eastern GuilfordMiddle School, Gibsonville Elementary, McLeansville...
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  • Innovative NASA-JAXA Partnership Benefits Global Earth Science
    WASHINGTON -- In a unique collaboration between national spaceagencies, the United States and Japan began combining elements oftheir satellite resources on Monday to increase a critical type ofEarth observation data. The partnership will more than double thequantity of this data that is used to explore earthquake hazards,forest declines, and changing water resources in the Americas.This new partnership between NASA and the Japan Aerospace ExplorationAgency, known as JAXA, uses NASA's Tracking...
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    Company will take the Phenom 100 to the annual Fly-In and Expo, in Lakeland, FloridaSão José dos Campos, April 8, 2010 – Embraerwill attend the 36th Annual International Sun ’nFun Fly-in & Expo (www.sun-n-fun.org), April13-18, at Linder Regional Airport, in Lakeland,Florida, U.S. The Company will exhibit theentry level Phenom 100 jet for the secondconsecutive year, at the static display area, andvisitors will be welcomed at chalet SNF-034.On Wednesday, April 14, at 2:00 p.m., in theSun ’n...
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    Aircraft joins the EMBRAER 170 operated by Sirte Oil Company since 2007São José dos Campos, April 8, 2010 – Embraer delivered two brand-new EMBRAER 170 jets, at the end of March, to the new Libyan aviation service provider Petro Air. The deal also includes purchase rights to acquire two EMBRAER 190s, and was concluded during the first quarter of 2010. With a value of US$ 66.8 million, at list price, based on 2010 economic conditions, it could come to US$ 146.8 million, if all purchase rights...
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  • CV-22 Crashes In Afghanistan
    By Robert Wall wall@aviationweek.comLONDON Three U.S. military personnel and a civilian have died in the first crash of a U.S. Air Force Special Operations CV-22 tiltrotor. The cause of the accident has not been determined, yet, according to a statement issued by NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, which runs much of the military campaign in Afghanistan ...
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  • Hawaiian Eyes Haneda To Start Asia Push
    By Adrian Schofield adrian_schofield@aviationweek.com Hawaiian Airlines’ efforts to win regulatory approval for Tokyo flights are part of a long-haul expansion plan based on a new fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft that will begin arriving this month. Hawaiian is one of five carriers vying for the four routes from the U.S. to Tokyo Haneda Airport that will be awarded by the U.S. Transportation Dept ...
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  • Cyber-Warriors Begin Training
    By David A. FulghumWashington A new cadre of 1,000 U.S. Air Force special operations warriors will be trained for combat on an invisible battlefield. The individuals will be selected for their creativity and intellectual flexibility. The group must then devise rigid standards, predictable procedures and rules of conduct for their battleground ...
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  • Epic Starts New Chapter
    By William Garvey william_garvey@aviationweek.com A Chinese manufacturer and a group of unhappy kit-plane builders reached an agreement yesterday under which the latter will become owners of Epic Aircraft Co., and the former will become a licensee free to manufacture and market Epic Aircraft outside North America and U.S. possessions. As a result, bankrupt Epic Aircraft could restart ...
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  • Discovery Transmits Heat Shield Imagery
    By Staff HOUSTON — The Discovery astronauts overcame a failed rendezvous radar to dock with the International Space Station early April 7, two days into a resupply mission intended to equip the orbiting laboratory for operations well beyond the scheduled retirement of NASA’s shuttle fleet late this year. The linkup allowed the shuttle crew to quickly transmit ...
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  • Discovery Astronauts Transfer Cargo Module
    By Mark CarreauHOUSTON Discovery’s astronauts attached the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo to the International Space Station early April 8, after hoisting the big cargo container from the shuttle’s cargo bay with the orbital laboratory’s robot arm. They floated into Leonardo, which was filled with six tons of scientific research equipment ...
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  • EADS Close To Decision On US Tanker Bid
    Airbus parent EADS is close to a decision on bidding for a deal worth up to USD$50 billion to supply air tankers to the United States, sources close to the matter said on Friday ...
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  • Bangladesh Airports Tighten Security On Attack Fears
    Bangladesh has tightened security at its international airports after intelligence sources warned of possible hijackings or terrorist attacks, airport officials said on Friday ...
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  • SAS Traffic, Load Factor Up In March
    Scandinavian airline SAS said on Friday that passenger traffic rose 3.4 percent in March from a year earlier, ending a 19-month slide, and it was pressing ahead with more cost cuts ...
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  • Airline Consolidation No Silver Bullet: AMR CEO
    Consolidation is no "silver bullet" for what ails the airline industry, but mergers are inevitable and the business would benefit from a smaller number of carriers, the chief executive of American Airlines parent AMR said on Thursday ...
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  • Boeing Delivers 108 Commercial Planes In Q1
    Boeing on Thursday said it delivered 108 commercial planes in the first quarter of 2010, compared with 121 planes in the same period a year earlier ...
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  • German Air Traffic Controllers Mull Strike
    German air traffic controllers may go on strike over working hours, just as Lufthansa pilots called off a planned walkout that would have cost millions of euros (photo: Tim Pritlove) ...
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  • Aeroflot May Place Lebedev Shares On Market
    Russian flagship airline Aeroflot said on Thursday it may float a 25.8 percent stake currently owned by Alexander Lebedev on the stock-market in a bid to boost its free float and played down the tycoon's threat to back out of the stake sale deal ...
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  • United/US Airways Merger Faces Headwinds
    Efforts to merge United Airlines and US Airways could run into strong headwinds from unhappy pilots and tougher antitrust enforcement ...
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  • Airbus Q1 Orders, Deliveries Outpace Year Ago
    Airbus sold 60 aircraft and delivered 122 in the first quarter, the European plane maker said on Thursday, outpacing the first three months of last year amid signs airlines are starting to emerge from the financial crisis ...
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  • NASA-Funded Research Suggests Venus is Geologically Alive
    WASHINGTON -- For the first time, scientists have detected clear signsof recent lava flows on the surface of Venus.The observations reveal that volcanoes on Venus appeared to eruptbetween a few hundred years to 2.5 million years ago. This suggeststhe planet may still be geologically active, making Venus one of thefew worlds in our solar system that has been volcanically activewithin the last 3 million years.The evidence comes from the European Space Agency's Venus Expressmission, which has been...
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  • NASA Announces Future Work Assignments for Field Centers
    WASHINGTON -- NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and DeputyAdministrator Lori Garver presented an outline for new and extendedprogram assignments across the agency Thursday in support of thepresident's fiscal year 2011 budget request.Pending congressional approval, NASA will create new program officesthat include activities in exploration technology and development,heavy lift rockets and rocket propulsion technology, explorationprecursor robotic missions, human research, and...
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