Airbus recognises cabin suppliers customer support performance

At the 2010 Aircraft Interiors Exposition in Hamburg, Heino Ostermeier, Airbus Vice President Material, Logistics & Suppliers Customer Services, presented awards in recognition of those suppliers who achieved outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. To determine the shortlist, the rating process used in-service feedback from over 100 Airbus Customers who between them operate over 80 percent of the Airbus fleet covering all Programmes. This detailed feedback is combined with industrial performance data from the suppliers, including spare part deliveries and repair processing time during 2009 to produce a final ranking table.

The awarded suppliers are as follows:

· Airbus KID-Systeme, B/E Aerospace (Refrigeration Products) and Bucher, received awards as the “top three” performing companies from a final list of 29 cabin suppliers;

· Weber, Bucher and Panasonic received awards as “Best in Class” within the Seat, Galley and In-flight entertainment categories respectively;

· C & D Zodiac received an award as the most improved supplier in Customer support during 2009.

The major cabin suppliers on Airbus aircraft are rated against three criteria: The ability to provide continuously reliable equipment and the associated technical support; Ensuring effective operational support services, benchmarked against the industry-leading Airbus supplier support standards; and, cost of ownership including both spares pricing and “Cost of Operation”.

“This is the third year that Cabin Suppliers have been part of the Supplier Support rating process, and now that we see clear trends in the results, it was the right time to recognise our best cabin suppliers for their support performance,” said Ostermeier.

“The cabin continues to grow in importance for our Customers, and through close dialogue with both Customers and Suppliers Airbus has set the standards for Cabin support and is working to ensure suppliers continuously improve to meet and exceed those standards,” he added.

The next rating cycle will be launched during the final quarter of 2010.

Source: AIRBUS

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