The Avdome Air Parts Company, a subsidy of the Avdome Aerospace Technology, officially launched its commercial aircraft parts distribution business

The Avdome Air Parts Company, a subsidy of the Avdome Aerospace Technology, officially launched its commercial aircraft parts distribution business as of 1 September 2010. The AAPC is Korea’s first air parts distribution company and will be a worldwide supplier of commercial aircraft parts. The AAPC offers its products and services through an international network of sales offices and agents around the world and through partsbase.com on virtual internet.

The AAPC professional people maintain an extensive inventory of airplane parts under most stringent quality management system. All aircraft parts for sale are acquired or consigned through the OEMs, Airlines or FAA certified repair facilities and have complete certification and traceability documents.

The AAPC is proud to have physical stock of over 1 million LRUs (Line Replaceable Units) in Ansan City, Korea Distribution Center, and over 1000’s of major structural items such as passenger doors, cargo doors, flight control surfaces, engine parts and major structural parts. The AOG parts will reach within a few hours to destinations where lack of spare parts is exists.

The AAPC world class distribution center is under construction in Muan International Airport, a central location of North East Asia, and will stock 5 million line items by next year.

The AAPC’s goal is to be your valued aviation supply partner offering superior aviation products and services and access to millions of airframe parts and accessories, aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, aircraft avionics, flight controls, aircraft lights and more.

The AAPC stocks most aircraft parts for various airframes including:

Boeing B727, B737 Classic B737NG, B747-400, B757, B767, B777, Airbus A300-600, A320, A310, A318, A319, A321, A330, A340, McDonnell Douglas DC9 MD11, MD80, ATR 42, ATR 72 and more...

The AAT implements just in time delivery system to those airlines located in China, Korea, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and will continue to be shipped on the very next day basis. Operators will continue to be able to check parts availability through the Partsbase.com and AAPC web site for ordering spare parts. Operators from Asia region will save the shipping costs and shipping time changing order channel from U.S.A to Korea, a hub of North East Asia.

The AAPC is a first Asia based global aircraft parts suppliers and the mother company; the Avdome Aerospace Technology (AAT) will be a leading provider of high-quality aircraft, engine and airframe support services to the worldwide aviation industry soon.

The AAPC’s goal is to become a worldwide supplier of aircraft parts and aviation services to the airlines, aircraft operators, airframe manufacturers and MRO operations located in Asian region.

Details are in www.aatmro.com

Source: AAP

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