Avdome Aviation Technology(AAT)’s Revolutionary Concept of MRO Facility

AAT Inc., Avdome Aerospace Technology, a private firm incorporated in Korea has come up with a revolutionary concept of a digital MRO with world class Korean IT technology. The binary CDMA wireless system allows real time video conferencing between the field, engineering office and airline engineering. Technicians can access the task, work orders and technical documents online on their PDA’s. This is new WPAN(wireless Personal Area Network) technology developed by Korea that combines advantages of CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) and TDMA(Time Division Multiple Access). Therefore it’s much stronger at static than WLAN, Bluetooth or Zigbee without jamming and also possible to put on high-speed transmission with low power like TDMA. Using ISM(industrial, scientific and medical) Band enables both transmission and reception of data, multimedia and voice in maximum 500m distance without a base station. The world’s first technology specializing in integrated advantages of CDMA and TDMA is a rarely as CDMA and put on high speed transmission and saves power as TDMA. It has various and variable transmission rate 6, 12, and 55 Mbps. Compared to others, it has recognizably superior technology for long-distance wireless transmission in maximum 50 meters distance without a base station. The innovative wires network realization can be applied to all the digital instruments and high spend transmission allows high definition TV and instant access of aircraft digital manual. This Aircraft MRO binary CDMA wireless system is patent pending and also this system will be applied to the In-flight entertainment system for the cabin network as there is no radio interference and no noisy and this system has no affect by any kind of obstacle.

AAT is a complete aviation city that can boost of world’s largest hanger with a space frame structure design, this patent pending hanger design will be able to house 4 A380’s, 4 B474-8s and 6 NB aircrafts saving 40% of hangar space allowing 3 times more twice more parking space. The maintenance hanger will provide support to the airlines of Korea, Japan and China. Other salient features of this facility will be 380% heat efficiency through water source heat pump heating system, 40% savings on AC through water loop system, solar panels on roof, green MRO, increase job efficiency through radial arrangement etc.

The Brain behind the whole concept of this modern and most efficient Aviation city is The CEO, Mr. James Gim with an aviation experience of 30 years in the airlines and Boeing commercial airline group, where he left his mark by being awarded the best Boeing Representative of the Year for his contribution in the implementation of critical design change of Boeing 747-400 avionic and electrical system. His experiences with various world airlines and his present contribution to 18 New York based airlines speak highly of him. According to Mr. Gim it is a team work, not sidelining the efforts of his partners.

The Avdome Aviation city is coming up around the Muan International Airport in Muan city that offers an attractive mix of industrial, distribution, and business and aviation facilities providing convenient access to major cities in Japan and China as well as major cities in South Asia. It fills the gap in Northern East Asian Aviation Market.It will be based in the world’s first MRO dedicated airport and will be world’s largest MRO facility including airframe, engine and components of commercial, military, business aircrafts and helicopters, light aircrafts and UAV’s. Not only this, the AAT has a subsidiary aviation school that will churn out world’s best technicians, engineers and Pilots , thus contributing in well trained skilled work force and safe flying.

The technician’s course includes engine, avionics, airframe, NDT, quality control courses and type training. Pilot training with PPL, IPL, CPL, ATP and also simulator course and type certificate courses. Besides the technicians and pilots there is course for the management and others that include cargo management, ATC, executive development program and university program.

AAT one stop engineering service enables to plan, execute and monitor aircraft and components maintenance tasks. It includes monitoring daily utilization and on-time departure, thus maximizing the dispatch reliability. Outsourcing of this service to AAT especially by low cost airlines will not only improve reliability but also save on costs.

If the In-Flight Entertainment System (IFES) needs up gradation or new installations, than a subsidiary of AAT MRO have come up with a new concept using binary CDMA wireless system and LED backlight high definition display LCD by LG/Samsung. It will be less weight and low cost. It will enable two-way communication between passengers and crew.

AAT will also provide Aircraft Record services by keeping records of technical book library, manuals, scheduled maintenance, service bulletins, and work orders by service letters, AD records and all other maintenance records required by authorities in digital format and hard copy.

AAT is working with major aircraft supply chain service provider companies that provides aircraft spare parts for defense and global aerospace. Airlines can have a virtual pool spare part inventory with alliance members through AAT’s reverse logistics service, after marketing service, kitting service, Line feed service, distribution service, PMA program that we have already discussed above and a supplier chain system.

AAT developed a video troubleshooting system by developing a troubleshooting guide by specialists and a dispatch team is ready for the structural repair and recovery of aircraft caused by ground incidents or structural failures. The system includes troubleshooting guide, AOG recovery team, engine change team, aircraft restore service, aircraft storage service, and AOG parts support.

AATs maintenance control centre (MCC) can manage the aircraft daily in anywhere in the world by checking the status of defects rectified by LM engineer, scheduling aircraft and maintenance, on-time departure, management of aircraft, engine and components, management of defect deferred items and cabin cleaning management.

AAT Green MRO provides painting services using environment friendly strippers and paint with modern paint shop in MRO facilities. It also offers complete overhaul, repair and re-configuration of aircraft interiors like carpet, seats, IFES, Galley, Lavatory, LOPA design and prototyping, CAD modeling, alternation and repairs, certification(FAA & EASA) standing –up seat configuration and last but not the least Testing(impact, cycle, flammability, static test)

Line maintenance service is available to international and domestic airlines at 10 major airports in Korea. AAT LM can provide on time departure performance and can handle pre-flight checks and partial A checks for maximizing of daily utilization of the aircraft while the aircraft is overnight.

AAT MRO not only revolutionizes the whole MRO concept but will help in more efficient air service by airlines and a safe travel by commuters by churning out efficient team of technicians, engineers and Pilots. The world waits for the largest MRO service to commence work with a dedicated team of technicians, engineers and work force under the guidance of Mr. James Gim, so that a more happy and efficient airline services can cater to the commuters. Please visit www.aatmrocom

Source: AAT

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