Airbus reaffirms its strong commitment to environment and eco-efficiency

Airbus has obtained, across its different sites around the world, the renewal of ISO 14001 certification. The renewal is based upon successive achievements related to the protection of the environment on all the activities performed by the company and the development and deployment of an eco-efficient methodology at each step of its products’ life cycle.

“For Airbus, environment is a top priority. The aviation industry contributes to the global effort for a greener world. ISO 14001 is now part of Airbus’ culture. We were pioneers in our sector applying this standard and we are very proud of the achievements”, declared Dr. Rainer Ohler, SVP Public Affairs, Communications and Environment

In January 2007, Airbus was the first company in the aerospace manufacturing sector to achieve ISO 14001 certification covering the activity of each step of the life cycle of its products together with all its European production sites. It was extended in 2009 and 2010 to all Airbus facilities in the US and China.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that details how to create an efficient Environmental Management System in a company, business or organisation.

Airbus has integrated the Environmental Management System (EMS) in its Company policy and organisation in order to efficiently manage and control its environmental impact. The aim is to help the participants involved to enhance its eco efficiency by managing growth and profitability while reducing the impact on the environment from their every-day operations as well as to comply with environmental laws and regulations. The implementation of a site and product oriented life cycle EMS remains a key enabler towards eco-efficiency and sustainability as a whole.

For Airbus, it is essential to integrate the bigger picture when managing the environment performance of the company. To this purpose, Airbus is also engaged in the creation of a more sustainable aviation through the cooperation with all the actors in the aviation industry and stakeholders. The company is committed to ensuring that continued growth in the aviation industry and the associated social and economic benefits that it brings, is consistent with reducing environmental impact of air travelling.

Source: AIRBUS

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