Trip adds 1st Embraer 190 jet to its fleet

By the end of the year, the airline will double the number of E-Jets in operation .

São José dos Campos, May 2011 – Embraer commemorated the delivery of the first EMBRAER 190 jet to TRIP Linhas Aéreas, May 05, in a ceremony held at the Company’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, in outstate São Paulo. The Brazilian airline currently operates a fleet of nine EMBRAER 175 jets, and should receive nine EMBRAER 190 jets by the end of this year.

“The successful partnership between Embraer and TRIP gains new impetus with the addition of the EMBRAER 190 to its fleet, and consolidates the E-Jets as ideal aircraft for expanding Brazil’s air transportation network, which is still too concentrated in very few urban centers,” said Paulo César Souza e Silva, Embraer President, Commercial Aviation Market. “We feel very honored to be able to contribute, through our products, to the strong growth of or TRIP, and to the excellent results it has obtained in recent years.”

TRIP’s EMBRAER 190 jet is configured in a single class that comfortably accommodates 110 passengers. With this aircraft, TRIP intends to expand to more destinations in Brazil, taking advantage of the moment with its increased air transportation demand within the domestic market. The nine EMBRAER 175 jets operated by the airline are configured in a single class for 86 passengers. The total E-Jets flown by TRIP comes to 24, taking into consideration both the aircraft acquired directly from Embraer and through leasing companies.

“The beginning of operations of the EMBRAER 190 marks an important moment for our company, investing in very economically efficient aircraft, with a high level of cabin comfort, and a commercial success, worldwide. The aircraft will be used both to consolidate our mature markets and to add others to our wide-ranging network,” said José Mário Caprioli dos Santos, President of TRIP Linhas Aéreas. “They will be an important tool for maintaining our standard of quality and aggressive growth in the Brazilian marketplace, which, at the same time as it shows great potential for new passengers, it is also an extremely competitive atmosphere.”

About TRIP Linhas Aéreas
TRIP is the largest regional airline in South America. After 13 years of activity, it serves 82 cities with a fleet of 43 aircraft. The company is controlled by the Caprioli and Águia Branca groups, both of which are traditional passenger carriers having histories of solid results and sustained growth. One of TRIP’s investors, with a 20% share of its capital, is the U.S.’s SkyWest, Inc. that, with 696 aircraft, is the biggest regional airline in the world. In March 2011, TRIP and TAM released a communiqué to the press, saying that “ TRIP and TAM have understandings, and have signed a letter of intent, with no binding effects, for the purpose of identifying eventual opportunities for strengthening and expanding their business by developing a strategic alliance complementing the existing Codeshare agreement between the two companies. According to the terms of the preceding letter of intent, to be agreed upon (including regarding the approval of the appropriate authorities), TAM may acquire, in the end, a 31% minority holding of TRIP’s total capital, of which 25% comes with the right to vote and the rest in preferred stock. The large majority of current routes served by TAM and TRIP are complementary.”

For more information, see www.voetrip.com.br.


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