GlobalAir.com Releases New Calendar Function on Website

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Globalair.com, the world’s largest Internet aviation information network, released today their latest update to the Aviation Events Calendar.

“This is the Age of Information, where communicating your events immediately and effectively can mean the difference between a small gathering of friends to a huge profitable venture. Globalair.com is here to help!”, reports Ray Robinson, CSR Manager of Globalair.com

GlobalAir.com has completely revamped its Aviation Events Calendar to make it easier for people to use and submit events and has also been optimized for search engines to find and index.

Jeff Carrithers, President and CEO of Globalair.com commented, “There are literately hundreds of aviation events going on around the world every month. With the large following of aviation community and industry users on Globalair.com this seems to be a good fit to our list of information networks”.

To use this improved feature, simply visit www.Globalair.com and click on the Events link to see the upcoming events going on worldwide. This new system allows you to quickly add details about your air show, fly-in, static display, meeting, seminar or any other aviation-related event!

GlobalAir.com is constantly striving to make the worldwide aviation community a close-knit, friendly, family, and this updated calendar is just one more step in the process.

About GlobalAir.com

Launched in 1995, http://www.globalair.com is one of the largest aviation Web sites on the Internet. It provides aircraft-for-sale listings, FBO fuel prices and flight data for regional airlines, business jets and general aviation operators. It keeps the aircraft community connected.

Based in Louisville, Ky., the site averages more than 2.3 million page views each month. Services include its Airport Resource Center, at globalair.com/airport, aircraft fuel-route mapping through its Max-Trax system, atairportfuelprices.com, and aircraft leasing and sales through its Aircraft Exchange, at globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale.

Source: GlobalAir.com

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