June 2011 Reporting Points from the Salina Airport Authority

SLN Airport Reporting Points
June 2011
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<< Guard to fly flag for Salina Airport
>> Community invited to participate in Patriot Business contest
<< Salina kids fly free all summer long
>> Pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom
<< SeaPort numbers continue to climb
>> CAV Aerospace receives TKS repair station approval
<< Springtime icing is different
>> Happy Landing: K-State pilots finish Air Race Classic
<< K-State to give away at Oshkosh
>> Lift: Optimists and pessimists

In the Spotlight


The Salina Airport Authority welcomed Mitch Pounds to the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting team recently.

Pounds, a recent graduate of Hutchison Community College's firefighting program, was hired on even before his official graduation.

"We were very pleased when Mitch applied for the position," said David "Gunner" Wiles, manager of operations. "He's an exceptional young man and we expect great things out of him."

When he's not on the job, Pounds enjoys staying active running and mountain biking.

"Biking is an exciting way to stay in shape and have a lot of fun," he said.

He plans to compete in the upcoming Kansas Adjutant General's Fitness Challenge in September and run the two miles required barefoot and has plans for a full marathon later that month.

The Salina Airport Authority is happy to have him as a part of the staff.

Tower UpdatesControl Tower

  • We are happy to see the Canadian CF-18's and Alpha Jet operations on the airport again. They are good to work with and everyone enjoys watching them. Just a reminder to pilots, if you are following a landing jet, the jet must be completely clear of the runway before you can be allowed to land.

  • As you are aware, we have seen our share of severe weather this year. It seems we are putting hazardous weather advisories on the ATIS almost everyday. If you have not been briefed on the convective SIGMET, you can request the information from the Tower or Flight Service. As always, pilot reports on cloud bases and tops, turbulence, and other flight conditions are welcome. We give these reports to Kansas City Center and Wichita Flight Service where they are disseminated to other pilots in the area.

  • Our newest employee at the tower is Brandon Smith. He was previously a controller with the Navy in Pensacola, FL. He moved to Salina in May.

  • We are seeing more helicopters operating on the helipads between the parallel runways. If you are westbound off runway 17 or 35 please do not turn out early and overfly traffic on the helipads or runway 18/36. The controller will keep you advised.

Thank You,

Bruce M. Boyle

Manager, KSLN FCT

On the Flightline

Jun 28, 2011 - A T-38 lands at Salina Municipal Airport after a routine training mission at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range.

Control TowerCongratulations

Charles Grimwood,

Sherril Beberly,


John Reber!

You won $50 off your next flight on SeaPort Airlines!

To enter drop your business card in the bowl at the SeaPort Airlines Counter.


Calendar of Public Events
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SeaPort AirlinesControl Tower

PC-12 interior.

At comparable prices, if you could cut your travel time in half, and not have the general hassles of the full airport experience, wouldn't you do it? Hassle free, convenient, affordable, and most importantly-FAST. This is a new option in business and leisure travel.

SeaPort offers daily scheduled flights in the Northwest and Mid-South like the old airlines, but with a notable absence of what makes flying today slow and miserable. How?

  • No TSA hassles at any of our locations.
  • Affordable fares.
  • Our own private terminals.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your flight, even with check-in bags.
  • Free airport parking. (Mandatory Valet in Portland)
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from the main terminal in Portland, Memphis & Kansas City.

Commercial air travel in today's climate is difficult at best. The airports are becoming more crowded, have longer lines and with the tighter budgets, speed and convenience seem like a thing of the past. Until now.

The way travel was meant to be, with all the conveniences of private air travel, but without the big price tag. Isn't it about time?


Wings Over Salina

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From the XD's desk:

Support the Patriot Business Program

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day on July 4 I'm reminded of the members of the U.S. military, past and present that have won and sustained our American freedom. The dedicated individuals of the U.S. military have the support of their family and should have the support of all Americans.

Salina area businesses can lend their support to military members and their families by participating in the Patriot Business Program offered by the Salina Area of Commerce. The Patriot Business Program provides local businesses a way to create valuable savings for military members and their families by offering a discount for goods and services purchased by holders of military identification cards. Offering a military discount is a way to show appreciation for military service and sacrifices made.

The program would not be available to Salina and Saline County businesses without the vision and efforts of two Salina Airport Authority staff members. Former Marines, David "Gunner" Wiles and Melissa McCoy, who brought the Patriot Business Program idea to the Chamber's Military Affairs Council where they received full support. Melissa and Gunner recognized the need to make it easier for military members and their families to connect with businesses that offer military discounts. Since the program has been implemented more than 150 businesses proudly display the Patriot Business logo.

I'm very proud of Melissa and Gunner for taking the initiative to work with the Salina Chamber and develop a new program that enables the Salina and Saline County business community to show appreciation for military service.

Tim Rogers, A.A.E.
Executive Director

Guard to fly flag for Salina Airport

Gearing up for their next deployment, the soldiers of the Kansas National Guard's Army Aviation Support Facility #2 in Salina added an American flag from the Salina Airport Authority to their packs.

UH-60The flag will fly in the front window of a UH-60 Black Hawk during the 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation's upcoming deployment in support of Operation New Dawn. After their deployment is over the unit will return the flag to the Airport Authority with a certificate verifying the flag had been flown during deployment operations.

"It gives people in the U.S. a piece of over there," explained Capt. Patrik Goss, facility commander and the pilot whose aircraft will carry the flag.

"No matter what the need or what time of day the Airport Authority's support has been unwavering and unending."

During times of inclement weather, particularly lightening and hail, the Airport Authority has always found a place to put the multi-million dollar aircraft that is owned by the American tax payers.

"They go the extra mile to help us and it saves the tax payers money as well," said Goss.

The ramp in front of the unit's hangar recently underwent three months of construction work during which time the Black Hawks and other guard operations were housed at different areas on the airport.

The Salina Airport Authority is proud to support the men and women in uniform.

Community invited to participate in Patriot Business contest

The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council is holding a Patriot Business sign-up contest July 1 through August 1 in celebration of the Fourth of July holiday.

The top three volunteer recruiters who sign up the most local

Patriot Business Logo

Logo design donated by Ricky Shipe Design.

businesses to participate in the Patriot Business Program will have an opportunity to win one of three prizes.

First place: round-trip airfare from SeaPort Airlines to Kansas City, a one-night stay at the Raphael Hotel and a $100 Hertz rental car voucher; Second place: $200 in Smoky Hill Silver certificates; Third Place: $100 in Smoky Hill Silver certificates.

Patriot Business Program participants must agree to offer a 10percent or more discount to all current military identification cardholders and place a Patriot Business cling in their storefront window. In return, the business is listed in a Patriot Business directory on the Chamber website and in several publications. The participating business also gets a digital logo to use in any of their marketing.

The program was implemented in April in response to the current and growing military members and their families living in Salina and the surrounding area. Currently, there are more than 150 participating businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a Patriot Business volunteer recruiter, or would like further information on the program contact Rachel Hinde at the Salina Chamber of Commerce, 785.827.9301 .

Salina kids fly free all summer

Kids Fly Free

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Preparing for your summer trip? Why drive when you can fly the kids for free?

SeaPort Airlines announces the launch of a new summer program, Salina Kids Fly Free! From June 21 to Sept. 30 children 14 and under are eligible to fly free with an accompanying adult* when traveling between Salina, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo.

"SeaPort is always looking for ways to become even better partners with the communities we serve. Providing the opportunity for kids to fly free for the summer is a way to help make air travel from Salina even more affordable," says Rob McKinney, president, SeaPort Airlines.

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Pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom

Public invited to send support to Canadian Forces

Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Okay it's a plane. A Canadian F-18 Hornet to be more precise.

Salina residents have become more used to the sounds of freedom and our neighbors to the north are feeling more at home as the Salina Municipal Airport is now a regular forward operating location for the Canadian Army and Air Force.

"Salina always treats us well," said Capt. Tyler West, detachment commanding officer. "We really enjoy it here. It's good training."CF-18s

The Air Force is supporting the Army during forward air controller training. The Army FACs will be training to serve as the eyes on the ground for the Air Force pilots. Through a number of methods, FACs communicate with the inbound pilots, guiding them to destroy enemy targets and minimize collateral damage.

A composite squadron of airmen and equipment from 409 and 425 Tactical Fighting Squadrons along with U.S. Navy and U.S. Army exchange pilots have come together for this vital mission.

The airport's close proximity to the Smoky Hill Weapons Range is key for this type of training. Military units get "more bang for their buck," pun intended. The less time pilots spend in the air getting to the training venue the more time and fuel, they can spend over it training the guys on the ground and sharpening their own skills as well.

Salina residents shouldn't need worry about any loud bangs though; out on the Smoky Hill Weapons range they will be destroying mock enemies with practice ordinance.

The Salina Airport Authority is proud to aid the fighting men and women of Canada as they prepare for combat deployments in support of U.S. and Allied Forces. If you would like to send your thanks and support to our Canadian allies please write to wings@salinaairport.com.

The squadron will be in Salina until mid-July.

SeaPort numbers continue to climb

Midsouth mapWhile U.S. Department of Transportation essential air service (EAS) program contracts are coming up for bid across the nation, more and more communities are finding that like Salina, SeaPort Airlines fits their needs with right-sized aircraft and flight schedules tailored to their needs.

More than 250 people flew from Salina to Kansas City on SeaPort in May, making it the airline's most successful month since beginning service in April 2010. This is the second time in three months enplanements have topped 200 and the numbers continue to climb.

"SeaPort has started its second year of service at Salina with the airline's best month by boarding 254 passengers," said Salina Airport Authority Executive Director Tim Rogers, A.A.E. "By providing reliable daily service, excellent customer service and low fares SeaPort is attracting new customers every day. In fact, SeaPort is exceeding expectations and I predict that Seaport's boardings will soon exceed 300 per month."

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CAV Aerospace receives TKS repair station approval

CAVCAV Aerospace has received Federal Aviation Administration certification as a Part 145 repair station for the proprietary TKS™ ice protection system. Its facility at the Salina Airport in Salina, Kan. is now approved to repair TKS ice protection components

"This achievement is another building block for the continued growth of CAV Aerospace's MRO capabilities and an extension of our TKS ice protection services," said CAV Aerospace President Kevin Hawley. "With this approval CAV is continuing to execute a strategy of providing global leadership in ice protection system design, manufacture, distribution and MRO services."

With the ability to repair TKS parts, CAV Aerospace, manufacturer of the TKS ice protection system, can reduce aircraft owner downtime, lower costs and provide more responsive service to more than 6,000 customers who fly with the TKS ice protection system.

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Springtime icing is different


Airframe icing is bad stuff. The drag of ice accumulation knocks a bunch of knots off your airspeed. And the rough, uneven surface of most icing alters the performance of the wings and tail, making flying qualities and stall behavior unpredictable.

But for most of us the worst aspect of seeing ice start to form on the leading edges is the uncertainty. There are uncommon situations where you can fly from ice-free air directly into an area that creates almost instant significant ice accumulation. But that is rare. The usual icing encounter starts out with a little frost forming on the leading edges or on the unheated windshield.

That trace of ice won't really matter to any airplane. That first little bit of ice forms at the stagnation point of the leading edge, the point where the air molecules separate with some going up and over the wing while others slide under, leaving a very small thin line where a few molecules don't go either way.

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Happy Landing: K-State pilots finish Air Race Classic

Stormy weather, red X's on the GPS, and a significant change to the race route didn't stop Megan Henderson and Nicole Lordemann from finishing in 15th place in the ultimate summer adventure for two female pilots: Air Race Classic 2011.


KSU photo.

Henderson and Lordemann both juniors in K-State Salina's professional pilot program, competed in the historic race in a Cessna Skyhawk 172 equipped with a Garmin G1000 avionics system -- but no air conditioning. It was often more than 100 degrees in the cockpit. The duo wore matching pink bandanas-turned-headbands "to help absorb sweat and keep us cool," Henderson said.

"Even though we knew we would experience long, hot days, we chose the aircraft because the G1000 helped us navigate," Henderson said. "It showed us how much fuel we were burning per hour and how much fuel we had left."

Lordemann said another useful feature of the G1000 is that it shows which direction the wind is coming from and what angle to fly at to keep the plane on course and in a straight line.

"That was important during the race because scores depend on your leg time, so we were able to find good tailwinds to have a better time," she said. In fact, they only had to fight a headwind during one leg.

K-State to give away scholarships at Oshkosh

Kansas State University again will hold seven daily drawings for $2,000 scholarships -- one on each day of AirVenture Oshkosh 2011.

Eligible recipients must be a junior or senior in high school during the 2011/2012 academic year or a transfer student or ready to start earning a bachelor's degree in aviation at K-State's Salina campus, home of the aviation program, within the next two years.

Future students can register for the scholarship drawing at the K-State booth, located at Main Aircraft Display #11, just northeast of the main gate.


Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.

- George Bernard Shaw

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