Embraer delivers first Phenom 300 jet to Prime Fraction Club

Brazilian company also to receive its first Phenom 100, in August .

São José dos Campos, August 2011 – Embraer delivered Prime Fraction Club’s (PFC) first Phenom 300 light jet, in July, to the leadership of the company, together with the three owners sharing the aircraft. PFC also has a Phenom 100 scheduled for delivery in August.

Under PFC’s system, individuals make monthly payments, to share an aircraft with others; then, when they use it, appropriate travel expenses are paid. This convenient shared mode means that the owner (PFC) handles the aircraft, and participating members can schedule flights for personal or business use, with confidence in the quality of the service and the aircraft.

“Embraer’s full portfolio of executive jets is designed to meet a broad range of customer needs, whether for personal or business purposes,” said Breno Corrêa, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Latin America – Embraer Executive Jets. “We feel that our proven commitment to customer preferences fits well with Prime Fraction Club’s innovative business model for managing means of transportation needs on a shared basis.”

PFC is analyzing other aircraft from Embraer’s family of executive jets, while prospecting fractional owners for all of the Company’s business aircraft. Prime is one of the first companies to implement this business model in Brazil, and is the first to receive an Embraer aircraft.

“Our clientele require quality, comfort, convenience, and, often, globalized service,” said Walterson Caravajal, President of Prime Fraction Club. “We of Prime Fraction Club have come to Embraer for equipment for just this reason.”

About Prime Fraction Club

Prime Fraction Club (www.primefractionclub.com.br) is a new way to have airplanes, helicopters, boats and automobiles available. Fractional ownership means that shares of the same property are acquired by several owners, and it is used by each one at different dates or times. Partners pay a fixed monthly rate that covers the overhead costs of the property, and each individual owner pays according to how much they use the property.

Prime also has a program for managing properties for owners who, because of heavy use, do not want a shared system. These owners are benefited by the possibility of using the other aircraft in the company`s fleet, when their aircraft or vehicles are unavailable for some reason. Those same aircraft also serve as a back-up for sharing owners, in the case of an eventual scheduling conflict, benefiting everyone.

Partners share properties that are managed by the same company. You can have an airplane, but maybe use a helicopter. Or a yacht, but use a luxury car. That is PFC’s innovative advantage: owning one property, but having access to all of them.


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