FL Technics, part of Avia Solutions Group, to acquire Storm Aviation Ltd, a UK based Line Maintenance Provider

FL Technics, a member of Avia Solutions Group (ASG) family, continues to expand its already extensive business capabilities. The company providing integrated aircraft maintenance and repair services FL Technics announced that they had entered into a definitive agreement under which FL Technics would acquire Storm Aviation Limited, the leading international provider of Line Maintenance services for narrow bodied and wide bodied aircraft. This acquisition will enable FL Technics to have a network of 24 Line Stations in total across Europe and the CIS and extend capability list of line maintenance services for further expansion of the business.

In the beginning of the year the ASG board members came to an agreement regarding the establishment of 20 brand new FL Technics line maintenance stations by the end of 2012. FL Technics activity will continue to be directed towards the development and expansion of major aircraft technical support and maintenance business solutions: smooth provision of base and line maintenance services, full logistical support of spare parts and components as well as rapid expansion of warehouse portfolio capabilities. The company will also carry on selling spare parts and components, offering technical training, engine overhaul and maintenance and individual components’ repair services as well as regular technical maintenance and certification solutions.

‘The acquisition of Storm Aviation Limited will enable FL Technics to become an operator of one of the largest line maintenance networks’ in Europe.’, - explained the ASG chairman of the board Gediminas Ziemelis. He added that Storm Aviation Limited was managed by a first-rate team of internationally acclaimed professionals possessing over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. ‘Embracing these highly skilled and talented experts will further strengthen the company’s position in the European and the CIS markets.’, - commented G.Ziemelis.

According to G.Ziemelis, this newly signed agreement will expand FL Technics maintenance capacity, product range, improve service quality and list of capabilities by providing integrated aircraft maintenance and repair services solutions for Boeing 747/777/767 and Airbus A380/340/330 aircraft types. “This agreement will bring benefits to the extensive range of customers of both companies and generate significant new business and revenue opportunities as well as significantly improving the services both Storm Aviation Limited and FL Technics can offer. The combination will enable FL Technics to reach new markets as well as increase list of line maintenance customers across Europe”, - stated G.Ziemelis.

‘Storm Aviation Limited headcount amounts to almost 100 people. Most of the highly trained professionals work across its airports in the UK. The FL Technics training centre prepares and certifies more than 1000 various mechanics and engineers for different companies every year. In the seasons when hangars remain less busy, specialists will work in line stations. And vice versa – in the peak periods these professionals will be transferred back to hangars.’, - elaborated G.Ziemelis.

FL Technics provides technical maintenance solutions in its main facilities in Lithuania and Ukraine and across Line Maintenance stations in Russia, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania. Last year the company also implemented a 24/7 AOG (Aircraft on the ground) helpline, enabling its users to receive prompt technical assistance and/or aircraft parts at any time.

FL Technics is one of the fastest growing companies in Eastern Europe. It operates under EASA international certificates (EASA Part 145, Part M, and Part 147) and complies with other civil aviation administrations’ issued regulations (Bermuda, the Russian Federation, etc.). At the core of FL Technics daily activities is Ramco IT, one of the most advanced enterprise management systems.

About Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group offers complex aviation services solutions. The Group joins together the leading aviation service companies in the region, such as FL Technics, FL Technics Jets, Baltic Ground Services, Small Planet Airlines, Baltic Aviation Academy, Locatory.com and AviationCV.com. Operating in the markets of Russia and CIS countries, as well as Poland, Estonia, Italy, United Kingdom and other west Europe countries. Avia Solutions Group is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For more information about Avia Solutions Group, please visit our website at www.aviasg.com.

About FL Technics:

FL Technics is one of the largest integrated maintenance and repair organisations (MRO) in Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Baltic States. The company has extensive experience in aviation as well as tailor-made solutions that are sure to please any client. FL Technics specializes in technical support, engineering solutions and maintenance planning, spare parts and components management, training and consulting services. All technical support solutions are carried out in the main facilities in Lithuania and Ukraine as well as in line maintenance stations across the European Union and the CIS.

FL Technics operates under international certificates EASA Part 145, Part M, Part 147 and other regulations issued by aviation authorities in Bermuda, Russia and other countries. At present FL Technics services Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Embraer, Bombardier, CRJ and other types of aircraft. FL Technics is a member of the Avia Solutions Group family – one of the largest aviation business groups in Eastern Europe. For more information about FL Technics, please visit our website at www.fltechnics.com.

Source: FL Technics

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