Gael Risk helps Bluebird Cargo’s risk management take off

East Kilbride, Scotland. 09/2011. Icelandic airline Bluebird Cargo will strengthen safety levels for flights by implementing a dedicated risk management solution using the innovative new Gael Risk software solution.

The transportation of cargo, express freight and courier material – including temperature sensitive products, live animals and dangerous goods, often to new airports and destinations – requires Bluebird Cargo to first assess any risk or hazards that could potentially occur.

Gael Risk, developed by enterprise software experts, Gael Ltd, helps organisations improve visibility and management of risk oversight, increasing confidence in the understanding of potential risks and hazards which can affect organisations.

Gunnar Flovenz, Director of Safety Services at Bluebird Cargo, believes Gael Risk will help strengthen safety levels at the cargo airline.

He said: “The successful assessment and management of risks and hazards is vitally important to any business, especially airlines. We recognised that by managing risk through the use of spread sheets, we could not provide the level of visibility or understand the impact of change required for a successful risk management system. The reason for this is that, primarily, it is not easy to express relationships between risk entities such as hazards, risks, threats, consequences and controls.

“We chose Gael Risk as it gives us far more visibility, management and control of the entire risk process, increasing confidence and ultimately, helping us build on our overall success as a company.

Gael Risk will allow us to identify and focus our efforts in areas of the business where needed. It will provide Bluebird Cargo with visibility of gaps in data, increasing our awareness of any changes within the business and allowing us to understand and control the impact of those changes.”

Gael Risk enables users to identify, control and manage the entire risk process dynamically, moving away from static, complex spreadsheets, making it easier for organisations to understand potential risks and hazards that could have serious consequences for their business.

Gael Risk is a high level management tool which has been designed to integrate with other business systems including compliance, quality assurance, accounting and management software. This includes Gael’s own compliance management solution Q-Pulse. Mark Fuller, Gael’s Customer Services Director, said: “Using spreadsheets in the management of risk is somewhat static, meaning they create an inherent risk by not providing the level of oversight required for effective risk and change management.

“Gael Risk makes the entire process of risk management far more visible, easily understood and shows clearly and simply the effects of changes and controls across an entire organisation, whether it’s a single site business or a huge multinational company working across several territories.

“We believe Gael Risk will become a fundamental tool for effective business and will help companies around the world to become more effective and aware, not only of risks to be avoided, but also the opportunities which the company can take advantage of. We’re delighted to be working with Bluebird Cargo as an early adopter of the Gael Risk solution.”

Notes To Editors:

About Bluebird Cargo

Bluebird Cargo was established in the year 2000 in Iceland by a group of local businesses and individuals with a solid background in aviation and airfreight.

The company received its Aircraft Operating Certificate in early 2001 under JAROPS1, and was the first Icelandic airline to be certified from the start of operations under this European standard.

Operations started in March of 2001, with one B737-300 freighter aircraft routing daily from Iceland via the United Kingdom to Cologne, Germany.

A second B737-300 freighter was added to the fleet in July of 2002.

In July of 2003, Bluebird Cargo signed a lease agreement with GECAS for five B737-300 freighters. Two aircraft were delivered in September of that year, with the remaining three to be delivered in 2004.

In November 2006 Bluebird Cargo signed an aircraft sale and purchase agreement for two B737-400 passenger aircraft - both to be converted to full freighter.

Bluebird Cargo is more than “just” an ACMI provider. With a strong background in air cargo, this company is able to provide all inclusive cargo services. Bluebird Cargo has the potential to provide blocked space or part-charter / scheduled capacity to freight forwarders and integrators on long term basis, and independently fill remaining cargo capacity of the flights through an extensive network of partners and associated companies.

At Bluebird Cargo the emphasis is on CARGO, and not only the BIRD.

About Gael Ltd.

Since 1992, Gael Ltd has helped organisations manage governance, compliance and risk more effectively and more efficiently. Gael’s founders realised the bureaucracy surrounding compliance was unacceptable - ultimately preventing “real” work getting done, so decided to take appropriate action by developing software tools to automate routine and low value tasks required in managing Quality Management Systems (QMS).

The products and services provided by Gael have evolved enormously over the years, with each iteration designed to encourage organisations to do “the right things, right” and being capable of demonstrating compliance to auditors, customers, regulators and third party organisations as required.

Gael built on their excellent reputation gained within the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors with entry into the Service sector in 1997, the Aviation sector in 1999 and the Healthcare sector in 2001. Tools to help Plan for Success, Safety and Risk Management have been added to the product and services portfolio over the years, enhancing the overall solutions available in our marketplace.

Gael Ltd

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