Embraer supports Experience Aviation and world's 1st flying classroom

Company partners with Barrington Irving, to promote STEM and education from the air .

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 2011 – Embraer, with entrepreneur and philanthropist Fabio Alexander, has joined Experience Aviation’s “Journey for Knowledge” flying classroom, using a Phenom 100. Alexander has placed an order with Embraer for a Phenom 100 business jet that will be used by Barrington Irving, founder of Experience Aviation, as a flying classroom to encourage students to pursue education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In addition to traditional STEM subjects, students will also learn about global history, geography, weather and culture, as Irving flies around the world with the aircraft. This announcement was made at a joint press conference between Embraer and Experience Aviation, today, at the National Business Aviation Association’s 64th Annual Meeting and Convention.

Barrington Irving became a renowned supporter of education following his around-the-world 97-day flight in a single-engine aircraft in 2007. This record-setting flight made him the youngest person, at 23, and the first African American pilot, to fly solo around the world. Using the Phenom 100 as a flying classroom, Irving will communicate via live video feed with thousands of students during his flights leading up to and including another around-the-world trip planned for 2013. His goal is to bring a live 41,000-foot classroom to more than one million students throughout the United States and the world.

The partnership with Barrington Irving and Experience Aviation is in line with Embraer’s corporate value of promoting education. To advance high school education and develop a University Preparation Program leading to higher education opportunities in science, humanities and medical research, Embraer created Engineer Juarez Wanderley High School, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, in 2002, under the guidance of the Embraer Institute of Education and Research. Embraer’s commitment to education and its involvement with Experience Aviation will extend beyond the aircraft acquisition by Alexander to include continuing support, as Irving utilizes the aircraft for his flying classroom and ultimately his next global flight.

According to Ernest Edwards, President of Embraer Executive Jets: “This is a great example of how business aircraft are used to advance our society and enhance quality of life around the world. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of people like Fabio, these aircraft are more than business tools, and we are pleased that we can play a direct role in assisting Fabio and Experience Aviation. They can inspire and excite our emerging generations and motivate them to pursue a future in STEM disciplines.”


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