Beat My Stock - Locatory.com game for all aviation enthusiasts

In the end of November the aircraft parts platform Locatory.com launched a brand new interactive game Beat My Stock which has already drawn the attention of many aviation enthusiasts around the world. The key game objective is to memorise the numbers of the most popular aircraft and collect as many falling part codes in a given amount of time as possible.

“I must admit that I am probably the biggest fan of the game – I currently hold the top of the leader board and I am ready to be challenged by anyone seeking to overtake me. If, of course, someone will succeed in doing that,” could not help but smile whilst presenting the game the CEO of Locatory.com Zilvinas Sadauskas.

The company’s Director for Commerce Vytautas Vorobjovas added, that although the game had been introduced to the public just a short time ago, some clients had already approached him with enquiries about his own best result. “For now I will resist disclosing that information, however, I can say that my own result brought out a smile. I surely must catch up soon,” commented V.Vorobjovas.

Beat My Stock is an interactive game designed to grant a venturesome pastime. If in the course of the game the falling aircraft part number reaches a dangerously low point, a player hears an AOG (Aircraft of the Ground) signal urging to finish entering the falling codes as quickly as possible in order to achieve the best result.

“No-one but me can see my personal result. I play the game on a daily basis and I am confident that no-one can overtake me. Even Zilvinas,” ensured the Locatory.com ideological leader Captain Locatory.

You can find and enjoy the interactive aviation game on the website games.locatory.com.

About Locatory.com:

Locatory.com, part of Avia Solutions Group, provides a platform for the aviation industry to search, buy and sell aviation inventory. The platform serves as a vast repository of aviation inventory, spare parts, components and repair services, which can be easily uploaded for presentation and searched by other platform members. For more information please visit website www.locatory.com.

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