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Flight Hour Pool Program will support the airline’s first EMBRAER 195 jet

São José dos Campos, September 28, 2009 – Embraer has signed a five-year Flight Hour
Pool Program service contract with Arkia Israeli Airlines. This special support program
reduces the customer’s initial investment cost for replacement parts and infrastructure by
providing optimized inventory control.

“We are very pleased to provide Arkia with our
Flight Hour Pool Program, which is the best
solution for guaranteeing the support of their 122-
passenger E-Jet,” said Leandro Laia, Embraer Vice
President, Customer Support and Services, Europe,
Africa and the Middle East – Airline Market.

The contract covers the EMBRAER 195 jet
operated by Arkia. The airline took delivery of this
first aircraft, which is approaching 2,000 flight
hours of revenue service, in December 2008.

Through this program, Embraer quickly provides replacement parts and eliminates the
customer’s need for inventory investments. Customers sign an agreement in which they pay a
set amount, based on the number of flight hours the aircraft has enrolled in the program.

Embraer assumes the responsibility for maintaining a parts inventory at its distribution and
service centers, so that parts can be provided to operators as soon as they are requested.

“We are delighted to further expand our relationship with Embraer and join this maintenance
program,” said Nir Dagan, Executive Vice President of Arkia Israeli Airlines. “We can now
rely on a top-level maintenance package that will enable us to efficiently and intensively
operate the aircraft, and it minimizes costs.”

About Arkia Israeli Airlines

Arkia Israeli Airlines operates an increasing number of international scheduled and charter
flights, including daily services to the Mediterranean and popular European cities, such as
Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), Tbilisi (Georgia), Kiev (Ukraine), and Moscow (Russia).

The airline is actively looking to expand its operations through the acquisition of new
companies, like tour operators, in order to position itself as an important and leading player in
the aviation and tourism industries to and from Israel. A recent milestone was the
achievement of a commercial license to perform scheduled flight services to Paris. This marks
a significant turning point in the airline’s evolution into an official flag carrier that performs
scheduled international flights. Further proof of its growing role in domestic and international
operations is that Arkia maintains offices in ten Israeli cities and over 20 offices worldwide.

For more information, visit www.Arkia.com.

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