Phenom jets now have SMS and e-mail functionality for pilots

Prodigy™ flight deck increases aircraft communications .

São José dos Campos, March 31, 2011 – Embraer Phenom jets now make it possible to keep in touch from virtually all corners of the globe. The Prodigy™ flight deck, powered by Garmin avionics, can be used to provide two-way short message service (SMS) and e-mail texting on the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 executive jets. This capability is available to owners of both jets who have selected the datalink option.

“This new function brings a higher level of accessibility to pilots, providing reliable mobile text communications,” said Maurício Almeida, Embraer Vice President, Programs – Executive Jets. “A pilot may now send and receive messages virtually anywhere on Earth, allowing them to, for example, plan ahead any particular need for the flight.”

The Phenom’s Prodigy™ flight deck is the first to allow pilots to send text messages through the aircraft’s avionics system, and to receive them from mobile phones and e-mail servers. The user interface runs mainly on the “Aux-Text Messaging” page displayed on the Multi-Function Display (MFD). When a new message comes in, a discreet pop-up gives the pilot the option of viewing or ignoring it. The system works similarly to a regular e-mail account: incoming text messages go to the “Inbox” as “Read” or “Unread”, and outgoing ones are stored under “Sent” and “Unsent” in the “Outbox”. Pilots can also save time and effort by using predefined texts that are most frequently used. Whether for business or for pleasure, these heightened communication possibilities meet the demands of today’s society. For more about Embraer Executive Jets, visit www.EmbraerExecutiveJets.com.

Source: Embraer

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