Embraer Defense and Security to participate in the first international seminar on the National Defense White Paper

New Brazilian government initiative will boost development of the defense market .

São José dos Campos, July 25, 2011 – Embraer Defense and Security will participate in the first international seminar on the National Defense White Paper, July 27 and 28, in Rio de Janeiro. The theme of the encounter is “The Transformation of National Defense”.

“We are honored to contribute to the preparation of the first National Defense White Paper of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense,” said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, President of Embraer Defense and Security. “We are always ready to support the initiatives of the Brazilian government in the area of national defense, whether via important discussions such as this one, or through our experience in the design and manufacture of defense and security systems.”

The White Paper will be a public document that provides detailed information regarding national defense. It will bring together a series of ideas that have been widely discussed by experts from a number of areas, establishing the Nation’s defense policies and strategies for the coming years.

This is the first time that the Brazilian government has promoted a wide-ranging discussion of the subject with society, in general, with world-class transparency and maturity. Embraer Defense and Security and its affiliate, Atech Negócios em Tecnolgias S.A., will act as the moderators of the panel discussions. “Defense investments boost the Nation’s economic and technological development, creating high value-added products and services for exports,” Aguiar added.

The first international seminar on Brazil’s White Paper will be held in Vivo Rio Auditorium, in Flamengo Park, and will be attended by the Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, and the commanders of Brazil’s three armed forces. There is no charge for participating, and the event is open to all who are interested. Registration can be done directly at the site of the Ministry of Defense (www.defesa.gov.br/projetosweb/livrobranco), where it is also possible to see the complete schedule for the two-day event.


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