Innovative Defense and Security Technologies to be Showcased in First Israeli National Pavilion at AUSA

    Among the solutions to be showcased are unattended ground sensors, virtual fences, CBRN protection, fire protection, electro-optic systems, tank add-ons, top quality vehicle metal components, miniature cryogenic coolers, air-conditioning, laser range-finders, and fire-control rifle scopes .

Tel Aviv, October 5, 2011…The first Israeli national pavilion at AUSA 2011 Annual Meeting is being organized by SIBAT - the Defense Export & Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD). The Israeli Pavilion, located in Hall A, will showcase ten (10) companies in the area of advanced defense and security technologies.

According to the Director of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (IAF, Res.) Shmaya Avieli, “We are happy to take part in Israel’s first national pavilion at one of America's most important defense events. Our goal in establishing a national pavilion is to encourage cooperation between American and Israeli technology companies in order to develop better, more creative solutions for the benefit of the security of both countries." He goes on to say, "The US has always supported Israel’s security - and the cooperation between the countries in the area of defense and security technologies has always been close-knit and productive. This year, ten (10) Israeli companies from the defense and security fields will present their cutting-edge solutions – and we invite everyone to come and learn about them.”


Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd is a worldwide leader for the development, design and manufacture of Environmental Protection Systems for collective protection against today’s security threats. Beth-El systems offer full NBC filtration, TIC (Toxic Industrial Chemical) filtration, ventilation, air conditioning, dust filtration and carbon monoxide (shooting fumes) filtration for use in vehicles, tents, containers and shelters. Beth-El’s customized systems can be easily integrated into any compartment and in various layouts. Beth-El’s filtration, ventilation and air conditioning systems offer the highest protection at very low power consumption while being light weight and compact in design. The 24/7 safe air ventilation and protection systems offer fresh and dust free air into the vehicle cabin with the dust filters (peace time filters) and in the case of an NBC threat, the NBC filters can be quickly engaged to provide protection against NBC and TIC contaminants. Currently Beth-El’s products are being used by more than 60 armies worldwide and are compliant to NATO and MIL-STD and have been tested and certified by International Standards Institutes and laboratories from countries all over the world. At AUSA, Beth-El will display a wide range of its solutions.


LVT is a leading fire protection and suppression equipment manufacturer, specializing in the development of systems for the military sector. As the first to develop the multi-zone fire protection concept, based on lessons learned in the ongoing war on terror, the company’s automatic fire suppression systems have been used in combating threats such as mines, IEDs and Molotov cocktails, providing full protection for both soldiers and vehicles. LVT will showcase a variety of its solutions at AUSA.


Meprolight has supplied electro-optic systems to global armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets for two decades. Solutions include electro-optical and optical sights and devices, un-cooled thermal sights, night vision devices, self-illuminated (Tritium) sights for rifles, shotguns and pistols. At AUSA, Meprolight will highlight its Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight Family – NOA and the recently introduced member - Mepro NOA NYX – Un-cooled Thermal Sight with 2X magnification. Created to address the issues of precise target detection and engagement in dust, smoke, and complete darkness, the NOA NYX uses proven high-resolution microbolometer technology, to ensure clear and consistent results. Also on display is the Mepro M5, Meprolight’s lightweight red dot sight, designed mainly for CQB scenarios And the Mepro Mor-Reflex Sight with two integrated lasers (Visible and IR).


The company manufactures laser transmitters, handheld and computer controlled eye-safe laser range finders, sniper fire control sights, night vision systems and laser aiming devices. Products to be showcased at AUSA include the new compact, lightweight OEM laser rangefinder - PI-15-02, BOXER night vision binoculars with wide field-of-view; RANTEL multi-functional mini-monoculars based on the concept that the independent use of each eye maximizes the ability to operate under low-light conditions; MINI HUNTER lightweight night-vision weapon sight that provides 2x magnification and an external bore-sighting mechanism; and LIORA multifunctional hand-held eye-safe laser rangefinder with monocular optical telescope, digital compass and GPS receiver.


RICOR is a leader in the field of miniature Stirling Cryogenic Coolers, with its primary focus on infrared detectors for numerous electro-optical applications. RICOR’s cryocoolers are known for their extreme cryogenic performance, robustness and reliability in critical aerial, naval, and ground military missions, as well as space and civilian applications. The company also provides acoustic, vibration, and heat sinking solutions for electro-optical systems. A wide assortment of its solutions will be showcased at AUSA.


Seraphim provides combat-proven, persistent covert surveillance imaging solutions for the war on terror, force protection, intelligence gathering and border protection. The company’s solutions are operational in a number of Special Forces units and other elite military, para-military and civil organizations worldwide. Seraphim will showcase two systems at AUSA: (1) MUGI - Mini Unattended Ground Imager for Persistent Covert Surveillance, delivering full situation awareness. It can remain in place for months, gathering intelligence 24/7 using IR Imager or CCD camera and sending live video streams to the C4I center. MUGI can be connected to other, small, UGS (Unattended Ground Sensors), creating a net of concealed sensors.

(2) CHAMELEON for Urban Unattended Persistent Covert Video Surveillance, gathering real-time visual Intelligence by remotely monitoring hostile target movements and providing early warning. The system identifies and responds to human targets at 120m and sends full motion video. It has an internal CCD camera (VIS & NIR) or IR imager with pan, tilt & zoom capability of 50° X 10° with no external movement and no light reflection from the system.


SpiderTech Ltd. provides revolutionary virtual fence and perimeter detection systems, using patented 3-D sensor and system technology for buried early warning applications, enabling greater security than sight or physical barriers alone. The company’s solutions - which deliver an ultra-low false alarm rate - identify, locate, and differentiate between various types of intrusions. These totally passive systems are able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. The company's technology meets the needs of perimeter security, energy, transportation, commercial and governmental sectors, from high risk and small scattered facilities to portable intrusion detection systems. SpiderTech will present its technology at AUSA.


Tamor SMR Ltd. manufactures rubber/metal and metal components and assemblies for heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles that are implemented in the defense, civil and industrial sectors. The company is a qualified supplier to U.S. Army TACOM and also meets European NATO AQAP standards. In-house technologies include Metalwork and Rubber Vulcanization. Products include: wheels – solid rubber, road, single/double support, idler, sprockets; tank track shoe assemblies and components; fuel tanks for dynamic and static applications; anti-vibration rubber products; chassis and suspension parts and assemblies; body frame, large metalwork, water tanks; and, other rubber/metal and rubber products. Vehicles include tanks, AFV, APC, ARV, land recovery vehicles, railroad, earthmoving, mining, material handling. Tamor will spotlight a wide range of its products at AUSA.


TAT Technologies is a leading provider of air-conditioning systems for ground and air defense applications. Suitable for any application where heat removal is essential, TAT air conditioning systems are typically installed in military communication shelters, mobile shelters, military tents, armored vehicles, mobile hospitals, etc. TAT also designs customized heat dispensing solutions, and its cold plates and various accessories are installed on many military and commercial ground and airborne military applications. TAT will display a range of its solutions at AUSA.


Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd., a leading supplier of steel castings for military and commercial applications, will showcase four of its advanced tank add-ons at AUSA.

A new materials transport trailer - used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and to be introduced for the first time at AUSA - enables the provision of supplies to forces fighting in remote locations; A suspension system - installed as part of tank upgrade projects in a number of armies around the world - enables increased tank speed and enhanced movement capabilities; A bulldozer attachment kit turns tanks into powerful bulldozers with a 60-ton force - ideal for rocky terrain. The kit includes a field-replaceable electro-hydraulic power unit and can be operated under water; Used by several NATO armies, an exceptionally effective Mine Clearing Roller System neutralizes anti-tank land mines on the surface or buried in the track path, and clears tilt-rod mines from between the roller banks. Two soldiers can attach the system to the tank in a few minutes.


Israel’s defense export activities are coordinated by SIBAT, the defense export and defense cooperation agency of the Ministry of Defense. SIBAT takes part in the formulation of Israel’s defense export policy and implements it.

SIBAT incorporates Defense Export and Defense Cooperation, Defense Inventory Marketing & Sales and Defense Services.

SIBAT’s Main Roles:

• Support for Israel’s defense exports.

• Initiation and implementation of defense industrial cooperation.

• Marketing and sales of defense excess inventory.

• Providing a full spectrum of export services to all our customers

For more information on the Israel Pavilion at AUSA pleas visit: www.sibat.mod.gov.il/AUSA

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